vrijdag, juni 5

moving again!

this year, we’ll have our home in a suitcase, travelling trough Norway.
a new adventure, new drawings,
so i felt that the time was right for a new home for my blog, too.
from now on, you can follow me on sarahpoesen.be
come along!

vrijdag, augustus 29

maandag, juli 21

Greenhouse / Drivhus

a new norsk word.
I really love glasshouses. Wouldn't it be nice to live in one? 
When travelling in Sweden, we saw a lot of glasshouses in gardens, 
used for growing vegetables/fruits as well as for reading or working (with chairs, books,…). I definitely want one like these, one day.

dinsdag, juli 15


These last months, we're thinking and fantasizing 
about a big adventure we will start next year. 
There are no concrete ideas yet, but the plan includes: 
Norway and living a year abroad. Hurray! And to be continued...  

Just so you know, from now on, there will be some pieces of norwegian language practicing in my drawings.. :)
(this one is an easy start. but as i like spending time in coffee houses, it is an important one)

donderdag, juli 10

Festival trails

I made kind of a trail for a festival for modern dance and movement we organized at work, it took place at the beach and in nature. (we have some beautiful photographs taken)
because the brochure wasn't that catchy, i tried to explain each show in one drawing.
ready for some travel guide now, i think :)

dinsdag, juli 8

lisa !

i became an aunt this weekend!
Lisa is already the coolest baby in the world. and a little doll.
here is the birth announcement i designed: